Ep. 14 Trauma for your mama!

What do we do when life throws us a curve-ball? We had an emergency that lead to me assess my ability to deal with the unseen. We also talk about the kids starting school. Live, Laugh….BE BALANCED!!rnrnAny questions, email Leena@abalancedjuggle.com or visit us at www.abalancedjuggle.com. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @abalancedjuggle.

Ep. 13 Slang 411 & green time over screen time

Do you know what your kids are texting or what most of thier commonly used slang words mean. Well, today we’re talking about that and the importance of us adults to get green time over so much screen time. Live, Laugh…BE BALANCED!!rnrnFor more information email: leena@abalancedjuggle.com or visit us online at www.abalancedjuggle.com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at abalancedjuggle

Ep. 12 Sleep-loss stops weightloss?

Today we’re talking about the effects of insufficient sleep on our weightloss. and strategies to help us get back on track to healthy sleep patterns. Live laugh… and BE BALANCED!rnrnQuestions, suggestions or other inquiries, please email Leena@abalancedjuggle.com or visit us at www.abalancedjuggle.com Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at abalancedjuggle

Ep. 11 Talking PCOS with Dr. Carolle

We have an interview with Dr. Carolle Jean Murat, a board certified OB-GYN, intuitive healer from San Diego. We look at PCOS from a holistic viewpoint and root causes that can cause many indications. rnrnFeedback, questions or to say hi please email me at leena@abalancedjuggle.com or visit us at www.abalancedjuggle.com, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at ABalancedJuggle. Live, Laugh…. BE BALANCED!!!!rnrnTo reach Dr. Carolle directly, please email drcarolle@cox.net or visit her at www.drcarolle.com

Ep. 10 What The FOMO

Today we’re talking about our recent cruise and the major discovery I made while totally losing it over NOT being able to have my cake and eat it too! Life is unfair and it’s all because of our FOMO!!! What does that mean? Well, listen to find out. Live, laugh…BE BALANCED!!!!rnrnDon’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at abalancedjuggle. Or visit us online at www.abalancedjuggle.comrnrnQuestions, feedback or just to say HI, please email us at Leena@abalancedjuggle.com

Ep. 9 To cheat day or not to cheat day?

Today we’re talking about cheat days and both sides of the cheat day argument. I’ve gone back and forth and find myself having better luck with sticking to one side of the that thought. Be sure to check us out at www.abalancedjuggle.com or on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram at AbalancedJuggle.rnrnrnFor more info email us at: leena@abalancedjuggle.com

Ep. 7 Emotional Eating, the struggle IS real!

We’re discussing emotional eating, how it impacts us, warning signs and strategies to deter our actions based on our emotions. We also announce the opening of the #ABJ shop. Head over to www.abalancedjuggle.com/shop to browse our selection for high quality, fun, positive, good vibe spreading swagalicious gear at a reasonable price!rnrnAny questions, feedback, suggestion or to just say HI, please email us at: Leena@abalancedjuggle.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all @ABalancedJugglernrnLive, Laugh…. BE BALANCED!!!

Ep. 6 Contingencies support balance? Heck yes!

We’re talking about contingency plans and how they’re not only for our business interests, but also personal ones. We explore the effect of not having contingencies as well as what types of provisions we can use a coping mechanisms in our lives to serve as our plan B. Also, we share some exciting news about the Podcast. Live, Laugh….BE BALANCED!!!rnrnIf you’d like to email us, please do so at Leena@abalancedjuggle.com or visit us at www.abalancedjuggle.com. Also, be sure to follow up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all at ABalancedJuggle.

Ep. 5 Progress not perfection!

Today, we’re talking about how to strive for progress versus perfection. This is important for various reasons. I also update everyone on the great #ABJ debate and my current total weight loss! Listen to find out how perfection is a deterrent to your achievement and why it’s so important to focus on progress! Live, Laugh … BE BALANCED!rnrnJoin the discussion at www.abalancedjuggle.com or email me directly at leena@abalancedjuggle.com