Ep. 5 Progress not perfection!

Today, we’re talking about how to strive for progress versus perfection. This is important for various reasons. I also update everyone on the great #ABJ debate and my current total weight loss! Listen to find out how perfection is a deterrent to your achievement and why it’s so important to focus on progress! Live, Laugh … BE BALANCED!rnrnJoin the discussion at www.abalancedjuggle.com or email me directly at leena@abalancedjuggle.com

Ep. 4 Making it Happen!

We have a special guest on today’s episode, who’ll be talking about now she made her goals a reality and completely transformed herself in more than one way. Find notes at our website: www.abalancedjuggle.com or email me directly at Leena@abalancedjuggle.com with any questions, feedback or with anything you’d like to hear us cover Live, Laugh…BE BALANCED!!